The age of cookie-cutter marketing and advertising is soon to pass. More and more advertisers are now coming up with unique tactics to market services and products offline. This article discusses some of the more acceptable, not to mention more effective, unique offline marketing gimmicks that have emerged in recent years.

An Interview in a TV Show, a Newspaper or a Radio Show
Mainstream media still ranks high in the world of advertising. After all, it has the means to reach and tap into potential market. The problem with this is that placing ads on TV, radio or newspaper command premium price compared to advertising products and services online. There are ways around this though. Trying to get yourself interviewed in print media or live on radio shows, for one.

If you consider yourself expert in your field, contributing your knowledge and insights on air would go a long way. Free PR can help bring in customers left and right.

Offer Your Services For Free and Get Something In Return
Remember, 2 minus 1 doesn’t always boil down to 1. Giving away free service doesn’t always mean that you would gain nothing for your effort. At least not in the marketing world.

If you have a service that you can give away for free, ensure that you can get something from it in return, however small. If you could approach local shops and offer your services in return for supporting free promotions for your website, well and good. Say you are a painter with an online store for your artwork. You can approach local businesses and give them your free services (for example, a free painting). In return, ask them to place your business card on their front desk. If your painting is good, people would inquire about it and eventually, it could pay for itself by bringing in more clients to your business.

Another way to do this is to offer your free services to a local magazine or newspaper. If you can contribute articles on a regular basis, magazines and newspapers may consider to publish you along with your business name. There is always a shortage in fresh content so take advantage of that. A newspaper or a magazine outfit may be your way to getting the word out about your business.

Movie Theater Ads
Notice the ads that you see on the movie theaters? Those are actually paid advertisements by local and sometimes national companies. If you think your target market could be tapped by those ads, check out how much they cost. These could be worth your offline marketing budget.

Ads on Local Cable Channels
Very much like TV commercials and advertisements, although much cheaper, the running ads that local cable channels host could help bring in business to your online venture. Enquire with your local cable channel company to know how much these ads cost.

Bus Ads
Whether it’s at the bus station, outside the body of the bus, or inside, you could turn a bus into a moving billboard.