It’s been long since people last focused on offline marketing to market their businesses online. With the recent success of and in marketing their online presence, online businessmen are once again turning to old school marketing to expand their businesses, to extend their market reach, and to improve brand awareness. But we are not going to settle with just that. With so much competition these days, some improvisation is in order.

Good-Bad Publicity.
You’ve heard what they say, “even bad publicity could be good”. It doesn’t necessarily have to be entirely bad. Something bizarre or eye-catching that could hold the people’s attention for a few seconds or minutes is enough. Something that could leave an impression on the public will go a long way in creating a buzz for your online business. While you’re at it, try not to do something that could damage the reputation you are trying to build.

Turn People’s Heads Around.
Do something that could turn heads around. Remember Richard Branson’s world record attempts and how he received worldwide media (and massive publicity!) by insane stuff? We are not saying that you go for the same tactics. What we are suggesting is that you don’t stick with cookie cutter offline marketing strategies and do something incredible; something newsworthy. The media loves sensational events. You will receive some good things for this along with a few bad publicities. But after everything has been said, what remains will be brand name recall. Now you know this, take stock.

Do Something Good.
When people help out, others will see. What you should try is to involve yourself in a charity occasion, or better, to sponsor one. The media is always on the lookout for such occasions. Your company is likely to gain recognition as a consequence.

A Little Telemarketing Could Go A Long Way.
Someone will definitely hang up on you or, worse comes to worst, scream at you. But what does that matter? Telemarketing has been and would always be an effective way of expanding your market. Now it’s time to pick up your phone, get your phone book and find some leads.

Place Ads Strategically.
This could sound silly and may not be as good in reality as it is in theory. But for all its worth, it really does work. The restroom is considered as one of the most visited places anywhere. Take advantage of the flow of traffic in public restrooms. When you place ads on washroom stalls or on the walls of the urinals, chances are, you’ll get some attention. Anyone doing his or her thing has nothing else to do but to stare on the ads stickered to the wall right in front of them. Why not give this ad placing strategy a try and see if it will generate traffic to your online business’ website.

Sponsor A Local Team.
The least expensive are the children’s sports teams. If you can afford to sponsor adult teams, then better. Team uniforms are something to be stared at. You could print your brand on a team’s kit and have a moving advertisement as a result.