When it comes to survival in blogosphere, it’s all about connections. All those links and good word thrown in by happy and loyal readers and visitors do wonders for promoting your blog and spiking its traffic. And then, there is your email subscriber list – email addresses and names of people who are interested in becoming regular recipients of information and news from you. You can also leverage other people’s email lists to build your own list, by buying or trading email “solo ads” (an email sent out with only your promotional offer), or text ads within their regular email newsletter.

If you want to give your blog a fighting chance, here are 4 tips on how to promote your blog using email ads:

Target, target, target.

If you’re just starting to promoting your blog now, then start right. Carefully determine your “market” – the type of readership you want to focus on, and the type of visitors you want to bring in. This can vary greatly, depending on the main theme of your blog.

Look at your main subject and the sub-topics you regularly write about. Who would want to read your blog on a regular basis? What kind of topics would they want to find in your blog? Once they find their way to your site, would they stick around and look at your other content?

Would they participate in any polls, discussion boards and forums you might offer, or at least leave a comment? Furthermore, would the people on your email lists be willing to promote your blog to others or mention it on their own blogs? With a targeted email list, the answer to these questions is a resounding yes.

The point here is simple: the market for your blog is already out there. It’s now up to you to let them know who and what you are, and where they can find you. By focusing on promoting your blog to highly targeted email lists, you can avoid marketing to that segment of blog visitors that: a) are totally uninterested in what your blog has to offer, b) are only partly interested and cannot be relied upon to stay for long, and c) have vague interests and may or may not be willing to participate or sign up for your promotions.

Offer relevance at all times.

If you are unable to be relevant in your offers, it will be like handing out thousands of invitations to a violin concerto in a gym full of wrestling fans. Some people might be willing to give your invite a look, but the meager results will not compensate for the sheer effort and resources you will be using.

Avoid wasting your precious energy by ensuring that when you promote your blog using email lists, it will be relevant enough for the recipients to respond positively to.

Be clear about your motives.

The people who receive your e-mail ads may be very familiar with the industry by now. When promoting your blog, make sure you state in clear terms what your blog is about, what subject(s) will be covered, and any other interesting features.

Don’t hide behind vague terms or try to be mysterious. Remember that people have plenty of other options out there — blogs that are willing to state their offerings in clear, understandable language.

Allow your e-mail subscribers the freedom to opt out.

So maybe you’ve garnered some terrific responses from your initial foray into using opt-in offers to promote your blog. And you probably want to keep the on your list, right? So do you really have to provide an opt-out option? Definitely.

Allowing new members obtained from your e-mail listings to opt-out is not only polite, it also shows professionalism on your part. Withholding the opportunity for subscribers to unsubscribe is considered rude and makes you seem desperate for readers.

If you choose this method of retaining your readers, you risk being ridiculed in the industry. If word gets around, you could risk losing even more potential leads for your e-mail listings. To gain respect and eventually, a loyal following for your blog, promote it with your visitors’ interests in mind.

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