Now What? Your Action Plan…

Over the last several weeks, we have given you a number of things to do to improve your website. You may find that some things work well for you and others may not. But you won’t know until you try and test them. And the more you test, the better you’ll understand what makes your target market take action. That is priceless information that will come in handy as you develop new websites, new products and so forth.

From here, you should:

Take Stock of Your Website, Web Pages & Products:

o   What is the main purpose of each page?

o   What is the secondary purpose of each page?

o   What is your target market & USP? (Each product/page can have its own.)

Analyze Your Current Statistics:

o   You can use your web stats and try some of the tools mentioned like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg and Your Ad Tracker.

o   What can you maximize now from the results you see?

o   Make it part of your plan to regularly analyze and make improvements.

Set up Your Split Testing and Test Copy & Design Elements:

o   Simplify your site with the design tips.

o   Incorporate the copy tips.

o   Test the results and keep improving them.

The important thing is to start doing something. You don’t need to do a huge overhaul of your website (unless you think it might need it), but start making small changes and building on those results.