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Your Curiosities

What do you dream about doing “some day” when you can find the spare time, money, and resources? What is the extraordinary future you envision for yourself? What was your biggest fantasy when you were a child? Write it all down.

Are there subjects you’ve always been curious about but never had the chance to explore? Are there areas you’ve started to explore in the past but were discouraged or thwarted by outside influences? Have other people suggested that you’d be good at something, but you have yet to try it? Again, don’t censor your list based on what you think might or might not be a viable business option. Just get it all down on paper.

Your Passions

What are you passionate about? What makes your heart beat with excitement? What makes you feel truly happy and fulfilled? What are you constantly thinking of day and night? What things make you jump for joy? What do you want to do with the rest of your life? How do you want people to remember you when you’re gone?

What is your purpose here on earth? What is your “why” – your reason for existence? What is your highest vision of yourself and the effect that you can have on the world – or just the people closest to you?

Passion goes so far beyond what you like to do for fun (hobbies), what you’re good at (talents and skills), what you’ve accomplished (past experiences), and what you would like to try out (curiosities). Your passion is the fire that is burning underneath all these other facets of your life.

Are you passionate about helping the homeless, ending animal cruelty, or feeding the world? Are you passionate about making sure that every child has access to all of the resources that will allow them to be happy and healthy? Are you passionate about space travel, or saving an endangered fern, or putting out the most cutting edge fashion the world has ever seen?

Passion is what helps you get through the tough times, even if the difficult times last a lot longer than expected. Your passion is what drives you forward to live the life of your dreams. It encourages you to persevere over obstacles, and is replenished and increased with every obstacle you conquer. Your passion enables your success. It inspires and excites you, propelling you forward to achieve your goals, regardless of any challenges that may arise.

…to be continued…

Excerpted from:

Starting A Business 1-2-3
The premier step-by-step interactive training system
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Module 1: Research and Development