You can use your membership site software to deliver paid newsletters too – either as part of your membership package, or as “stand-alone” subscriptions.

You can also use graphics-rich Autoresponder services such as MailChimp to deliver your paid newsletter. You do need an Amazon Payment account with MailChimp

While all newsletters should deliver great value, a paid one has to provide premium quality: More in-depth material, more articles, top-quality layout (if HTML or PDF-based – which paid newsletters usually are) and a greater degree of attention to individual subscriber requests and questions.

Its appeal is based on reliability – plus your subscriber’s certainty that they will receive top quality content – at least one real “gem” it was worth looking forward to.

There is some evidence that paid subscription newsletters are not as easy a business model as they once were, having been usurped by membership sites, but if you position your paid newsletter properly, you may be able to make this work for you.

Excerpted from:

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