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Office Space

Do you want/need a separate office space? Will it be a public office, where clients can walk in and see you any time? Or will it be a private office, where clients must make appointments in advance?

If you find that your home is not conducive to a productive work environment, and if moving to a new home is not an option or will not rectify the situation, then look into renting a separate office space. The location will be determined by whether the office will be for your own use only, or if you will be meeting with clients.

If it’s just a separate space for you to get out of the house and keep your home and work lives separate, then the location is really up to your own preference. Something close to home would be advisable in order to keep your overhead down in terms of transportation costs and travel time, but if there’s a particular location that fulfills some of your other needs and inspires you more, then it may be an even trade-off. If you live in the country, but the hustle and bustle of the city gets your entrepreneurial juices flowing, get an office space in the city. If you’re find that picturesque views and spending time in nature is more your style, find an office space with large windows that looks out onto a lake or greenbelt. If you like interacting with other people throughout your workday, get an office space in a large building or office complex where you will be exposed to a variety of different people on a daily basis.

If you’ll be meeting with clients, then you’ll need to take into consideration what works for them, as well. Consider commute time, accessibility, and how difficult the place is to find. Also consider square footage, the layout of the floor plan, the nature of the neighboring businesses, and the physical appearance of the building, both inside and out. Does the complete package convey the image you want your clients to have of you? If you were a building, is this what you would look like? Is this where you would hang out?

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