Finding Out What Your Customers Want (Part 5 of 6)See what’s selling on Amazon. With’s bestsellers list, it is easier than ever to see what the hot-selling products are. You can also find out what people love or hate most about particular products by reading the reviews.

Amazon is an authority at assigning products into just the right category, giving you the ability to drill down into a laser-targeted niche within their subcategories:

  1. Pick a category related to your product.
  2. Hover your mouse over the link and you will get access to a list from which you can choose the sub-categories that most closely match your products.
  3. On the next page you will be able to narrow down even more by choosing one of the more specific categories.
  4. Once you have drilled down far enough you will be able to see detailed sales trends and customers’ preferences.

For example, if you are selling dancewear for toddlers you could easily ascertain that the hottest selling color is pink, since the top selling product is always the first listed result.

This would give you time to reconsider your line of aqua blue dancewear and help you consider:

  • Whether having a different color would be an advantage or a disadvantage
  • Whether there would even be a market for that particular color in your potential clients’ age group
  • If you would actually sell more by going with pink – or not sell any because you fail to stand out from the crowd
  • Whether it is worth offering both options from a cost standpoint

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