See what advertisements are running right now. Carefully examine the results page of a Google search for the niche you are exploring, and see for which topics people are placing paid ads.

Are there any relevant ads showing up on Facebook for the product you are going to be selling, or related products? Are any major retailers taking out full-page glossy magazine ads?

Another place to look is the classified ads in your local paper or on sites like Craigslist. People often post a want ad asking for a particular product. Also check out what people are selling as well.

Sit down with your kids when they are watching their favorite shows and see what products companies are trying to entice your kids to pester you for.

What radio or TV commercials do you find catching your attention? What do you currently find original and entertaining?

Our brains have become accustomed to advertising, and in the majority of cases we’re able to tune it out as excess noise. Despite this it still works, even if only on a subliminal level. You just need to re-tune your brain to take notice of this noise and see what’s happening in your niche.

Excerpted from:

Starting A Business 1-2-3
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Module 1: Research and Development