Finding Out What Your Customers Want (Part 1 of 6)Again, “just ask” is always the perfect place to start. Refer back to Step 22 – Weighing Supply and Demand to review and continue closing in on your ideal product or service. To recap the basics:

  1. Ask forum members directly, if the forums you belong to relate to your niche. Find other forums for that topic, join, and ask specific questions relating to the specific product/service ideas you are exploring.
  2. Use social media to ask friends and followers who are also in your target group what they want, need and miss. Ask them any question you like related to your product/service, and ask them to share it.

    TIP: Include a photo with your question and include your keyword in its description – it will make sure Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm shares your post with more of your targeted followers. (We’ll explore more about EdgeRank in Module 10 – Marketing Your Business.)

    Tweet the same question. Share it on your blog, and ask for comments or answers through social media.

  3. Create a poll using a Facebook app; EdgeRank likes polls too.
  4. Create surveys using sites such as Survey Monkey, and direct people to your survey via posts on social networks and in any niche-related forum you belong to.

Excerpted from:

Starting A Business 1-2-3
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Module 1: Research and Development