Applying The 7th Habit In Your Personal Life

There are three main aspects of a person that need constant and consistent enhancement in order to remain happy and healthy. These are the mental aspect, the physical aspect and the spiritual aspect.

Mental enhancement refers to enriching a person’s knowledge. This includes learning entirely new information as well as keeping updated on current developments not only with regard to your business, but also any other topics that interest you on a personal level. A person who has more knowledge and information at the ready is undoubtedly more successful and effective.

Physical enhancement is about keeping the body sharpened through exercise, nutrition, and proper sleep. A person will cease to be effective the moment the body gives in. A person with good physical health is a more effective person all-around.

Spiritual enhancement is about bringing the person closer to his or her inner self. This can be done through meditation (or prayer, if you’re religious). When a person meditates, the spirit is getting fed. Journaling or participating in yoga and martial arts also fall under this category. They all act to make a person more spiritually complete and bring them closer to their inner perfection.

Applying The 7th Habit In Your Business

The very act of keeping yourself happy and healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually will keep your overall effectiveness sharpened at all times. If any of these three aspects of your personal life is lacking, your ability to effectively run your business will also decline. In order to reach peak effectiveness in your business and stay there, you must ensure that your mind, body and spirit are always functioning at their maximum.

(You may be asking, “What about emotional enhancement?” I agree, that’s another vitally important aspect of the human condition that can have an astronomical effect on your business, but the realm of human emotion is far too complex for us to address in a text about starting a business. It is much easier and quicker to enhance an individual’s mental, physical, and spiritual aspects, which is why we have mentioned them here. Emotional enhancement is a topic for a whole other 12-month course.)

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