I just paid a bunch of vendor bills using credit memos that we have on file with that Vendor. There was a little left over on the final invoice, which was paid by check. However, the check stub only lists one invoice and one credit memo, but I know that’s not right.  How do I get a list of all the other invoices that were paid using the credit memos?

There’s no built-in/easy way to do it. It will require that you create and customize your own report to give you exactly the data you’re looking for and nothing else.  Here’s how:

  • Do a “Find”  (Ctrl-F)  and go to the Advanced tab
  • then click on “Date” in the Filter list and select “This week,” “This month,” etc., or choose the specific date you recorded the transactions
  • then click on “Name” in the Filter list and select the name of the Vendor you’re working with
  • then click on “Transaction Type” in the Filter list and select “Multiple”
  • then in the “Multiple” screen select Bill, Bill Payment, and Bill Credit
  • then go back to the main Find window and select “Paid Status” in the Filter list
  • then check the button next to “Paid”

That should show you all the bills that were paid to that Vendor, and their corresponding payment method, whether by Credit Memo or Check.

Click the “Report” button to the right of the screen, and it will give you a printable report. You can also “Memorize” it (button at the top), in case you might need to perform a similar search in the future, for this or any other Vendor. You can further customize the report by clicking on the “Modify Report” button, also at the top of the screen.