April 16th is National Accountant Appreciation Day. After months of hard work, it is time to give back to the person who waded through the raging river of your return.

Imagine if you had to prepare your taxes yourself. How much would you tip yourself if you had to put everything together and certify that it all was correct and accurate to the best of your ability? Take that idea and triple it and you’ll have an idea about the actual worth of your CPA.

Here are some ideas for things you can do to show your tax accountant that you truly appreciate their time and energy spent in keeping the IRS satisfied:

Pens and pencil sets

A nice pen set will always go a long way with professionals. There is just something about feeling the weight of a well-balanced pen or nice mechanical pencil in your hand. Adding engraving or a special holder will personalize the thank you even more.

Donations to charities

Making donations in your accountant’s name, or the name of their business, will also go a long way to show your appreciation.  While they are focusing on your business and how to maximize your deductions, they may miss out on some of their own donations, and thusly, their own business deductions.

Gift certificates

After spending so much time away from their family, your CPA deserves a family night out. Why not get together with some of the other clients on your CPA’s roster that you know and all chip in for a nice meal at that fancy new restaurant in town.  Or, how about a weekend getaway for your accountant and his family. Showing your accountant that you are aware they have a family and that they often put their family on hold during tax time for you, let’s them know that you really care about them and their personal life.

Recommend your accountant to others

Letting your friends and family know about what a good job your CPA does, not only helps their business out, it also shows that you think highly of them and appreciate their good work. Helping grow their business will pay off dividends because you become a personal marketing team and your accountant will go the extra mile to help you wherever he or she can.

When all else fails, ask

If you still have no idea what to get your CPA for all their hard work, just ask them what you can do for them.  Tell him or her that you sincerely wish to appreciate their hard work with something tangible, a token, something they will enjoy and use.  Just make sure that you follow through with their request.

No matter what you decide to do, make it a point, on April 16th, to do something to show your accountant you appreciate them. Bring them food, buy them something nice, treat them to a meal, or help them build their business by spreading the word about their services. If you don’t have any ideas, make it a point to ask your accountant what they would like.  Then follow through to make Accountant Appreciation Day a very good day for you and the accountant you appreciate.