My First Sales PageI just finished my first attempt at creating a sales page for one of my own products — well, my “remix” of two existing products, which I updated and reformatted to fit my own style. You can check it out at 99 eBooks with Unrestricted Private Label Rights. That link will open in a new window, so you can check it out without leaving this page.

All the sales pages I’ve used previously were built by professionals, since I know there’s not only art but also science behind the design and copywriting of a well-converting sales page. I based this one loosely on the sales pages for the two products I bundled together for this offer. Being that I have a background in web and graphic design, I had originally attempted to rebuild the sales page myself, starting from one of the existing templates. However, the existing HTML code — and the page design itself — was so convoluted, I decided I’d be better off starting from scratch. So I tried that, and it ended up taking so long, I got frustrated and burned out on it.

So I resigned myself to the idea that just because I’m capable of building the page from scratch myself, that doesn’t mean that I should do it. Here’s what I did instead:

  • I started looking at all the different “sales page builder” plugins for WordPress. After spending a day or so researching my options, I decided on InstaBuilder. It had the best combination of features for the price. I also didn’t want my sales pages to be one big graphic file, like a lot of the other sales page builder plugins do. No offense if that’s what you’re into; it’s just not my thing.
  • I also needed a graphics editor, since I no longer have Photoshop on my laptop. So I used the free image editor, Gimp. It’s not as full-featured or elegant as Photoshop, but it also doesn’t cost $700, either. For most people, Gimp will be totally adequate. And you can’t beat “free”!
  • I also didn’t have a lot of time to create all the graphics from scratch, so I grabbed a couple of ready-made marketing graphics packages. I recommend Looney Vectors for the cartoon salespeople, and Marketing Graphics Toolkit for anything else you may need, including Actionscripts to create e-covers for eBooks, DVDs, etc.
  • And of course I needed a sales platform for processing payments and delivering the goods after purchase. For that, I chose JVZoo because it’s quick, easy, and has its own built-in affiliate program that allows instant commission payments via PayPal, which makes affiliates more likely to promote your offers.
  • Finally, I’m going to have a pro review the page and give me pointers, since this is my first attempt. For that, I went to Fiverr and will be working with either brettallen or tonyboni — or maybe both, since it is only $5 per gig.

Questions For You:

What’s your opinion of my first sales page? Even if you don’t have any experience creating your own, your input from a customer’s point of view is invaluable. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Or, do you have a sales page you need help with? Let me know and I’ll tell you how I got around some of the major hurdles.

Until next time…

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