Are you as curious as you should be? Inquisitiveness is the root of all discoveries, be they physical, mental, spiritual or otherwise. Consequently, you must cultivate inquisitiveness to elevate yourself in life. Only those with inquisitiveness become great.

A man without inquisitiveness gets lazy and slothful, remaining stagnant, or worse, moving backward; whereas an inquisitive individual is always alert and diligent. One who has inquisitiveness will come upon great secrets from ordinary looking things, but one with no inquisitiveness will fail to see the secrets stripped bare in front of his eyes. An inquisitive individual is sharp-witted by nature. He notices every situation minutely and, through ceaseless and insightful search, finally unravels the mysteries.

Without inquisitiveness and diligence you’ll fall behind not only in your life but also in your personal development and the path to success.