Bosses manage people. They spend a large proportion of their time working on developing their employees so that the company can grow and reach its goals. As an entrepreneur, you have to do this for yourself. We’ll start by developing your personal mission statement, vision statement, and goals. These three standards will form the foundation upon which your ideal business will be constructed. You could say they form the basis of your personal “brand.”

Your Personal Mission: What you aim to do, Why, and How

Your personal mission statement tells the world a little bit more about “What, Why and How” you do what you do. It combines the elements of your personal values, purpose, and results all into one statement that describes your personal mission for your life. This doesn’t have to be about your whole life. Since we’re developing your personal brand primarily in relation to your business, your personal mission statement can be focused more on those aspects, as well.

Results (the what)

What is your intended outcome for your life? What would be the pinnacle of achievement for you, if there were nothing holding you back? Envision yourself in full command of all your resources – time, energy, intellect, compassion, ambition – and write down all the things you would do with that power.

Purpose (the why)

Take a look back at the exercises you completed in the first section of this module, specifically “Your Passions” under Step 6. Combine those answers with your answers to the “Results” exercise above, and think about why you’re driven to achieve the things you’ve described. What is the purpose? What will you – and the rest of the world – gain when your ultimate outcome is achieved?

Values (the how)

What intrinsic values do you hold sacred? If you truly had the ultimate god-like power to manifest your thoughts, to will anything into being, in what manner would you go about exercising that power? What code of conduct would you hold yourself to? What would you want all other beings on earth to know about how you intend to use this great gift?

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Module 1: Research and Development