Also consider registering a domain for your own name if possible; append an extra word onto the beginning or end it if your proper name is already taken. For example, if “ john” is not available and you are a CPA, register “” instead. Even if you don’t intend to use this as your business name, it gives you an extra layer of branding ability, and a potential outlet for the more personal side of your business image.

For example, I have my own name registered as my personal website, where I blog about the things that interest me in general, the projects I’m working on, etc. And then I have separate websites for each of the businesses in which I am a stakeholder, on which the content is specifically focused to that business’ products and services. All of the sites are cross-linked and reference each other as applicable. (We’ll go into more detail about all of this in Module 8 and Module 11.)

If your business is based primarily on a specific product or service, especially if you want to brand it as your flagship product, consider registering “”

Of course, be sure you register “,” whether you plan to use that as your primary domain name or not. You don’t want someone else stealing it and confusing your customers.

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Starting A Business 1-2-3
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Module 1: Research and Development